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“I am normally a very trusting person and have been taken advantage of several times. But now I have your fraud prevention guidelines posted by my telephone. I do feel more empowered to defend myself against fraudulent intentions.” Senior at a CASE seminar

The CASE Partnership - Communities Against Senior Exploitation - is a unique and successful elder fraud prevention program, for both urban and rural communities, in which prosecutors and law enforcement partner with faith communities. CASE provides a faith-based program for elder fraud prevention, crime detection and reporting, and victim support. Program components include:

  • An ongoing partnership between prosecutors or law enforcement agencies and faith-based communities
  • Faith-based Power Against Fraud prevention seminars led by prosecutor or law enforcement staff
  • Monthly Fraud Alerts sent to the faith partners for congregational distribution
  • Fraud prevention assistance and victim support

By involving the faith community, CASE builds an alliance that reaches a large and broad audience of older adults, their families and caregivers, as well as clergy and other community leaders. The CASE Program is a successful community partnership that uses the trust and compassion associated with faith communities to effectively educate and empower, protect and assist older adults.

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