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“CASE enables this office to be proactive in the fight against fraud.  Every law enforcement agency should consider adding the CASE Program.” Carol Chambers, District Attorney, Colorado 18 th Judicial District



You have taken the first step to providing the CASE Partnership in your community. After you complete the Affiliate Application Form , you will receive a confirmation of your password from the Denver District Attorney's Office. Once you become a CASE Affiliate, you can:

Prerequisites to becoming a CASE Affiliate

The CASE Partnership is designed to be replicated by prosecutors' offices and law enforcement agencies. It is also beneficial if the agency has an existing elder fraud program or the resources to begin one, however this is not absolutely necessary. There are no restrictions on agency size or budget.

Program requirements for CASE Affiliates

Once you receive your password and download the toolkit, you can either:

1. Implement a successful CASE replication in your community by:

  • Developing ongoing partnerships with faith communities to expand elder fraud prevention activities with a focus on telemarketing fraud
  • Sending monthly Fraud Alerts to faith Partners
  • Conducting Power Against Fraud seminars for Partners
  • Providing fraud prevention assistance and victim support OR

2. Decide the project is not for you, e-mail or call us to that effect, and we will cancel your password with no further obligation

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