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“The training that the DA's office provided to our clergy was really more than training. It opened our eyes. I strongly recommend this training as a way to form real partnerships in our community.” Attendee of a CASE clergy training seminar


Download the free CASE Replication Toolkit ‘zip' file which contains 4 folders. Case Toolkit.zip

Folder 1: Implementing CASE

Contents: Implementation Manual (1 Word Document)

  • Program Background
  • Program Components
  • Basic Implementation Steps
  • Challenges to Recruiting Faith Partners
  • Overcoming Challenges
  • Other Best Practices
  • Cultural Outreach Strategies
  • Funding Ideas
  • Rural Considerations

Folder 2: Building Bridges to the Community

Contents (6 Word Documents and 1 PowerPoint slide presentation)

  • How to Use Building Bridges Materials
  • Clergy and Community Leader Training Guide, Slide Presentation
  • New Partner Packet (4 documents)

Folder 3: Power Against Fraud Education

Contents (6 Word Documents)

  • How to Use the Educational Materials
  • Fraud Quiz Q & A
  • Power Against Fraud Handbook
  • Power Against Telemarketing Fraud Handbook
  • Power Against ID Theft Handbook
  • Seminar Publicity Fliers

Folder 4: Monthly Fraud Alerts

Contents (3 Word Documents)

  • How to Use the Fraud Alerts
  • Fraud Alert Template
  • Samples of Fraud Alerts


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